Touch View Survey
​​Create Multi-Lingual Surveys!!!​​​​
Build your Survey Slides with Microsoft-Access

Easily Translate Your Surveys into Most European Languages

This application lets you create multi-lingual Survey Slides that can be used with most touch-screen systems or desktops running MS-Access. It is integrated with Microsoft Language API, so that you can create your Survey in one Language, then translate it into any Left-To-Right Language; such as French, German, Spanish, Italian and Greek (just to name a few).

It stores all Survey Responses inside a database where multiple Language responses are stored in such a way that linguistic results can be integrated into one result, regardless of the number of Languages used in any survey.

​You only need one full version of Micrososft-Access for creating your Survey Slides. Copies of your Surveys Databases can be run on all your terminals with the free Microsoft-Access Runtime License.
Keep Surveys and User Responses inside your Secure Database

This feature-rich tool gives you the ability to create Surveys on the fly. All Questions and Answers are database driven, and are stored for retrieval and analysis later. Following are screenshots of a few Key Forms that you will be using to create your surveys in TVSS.


Questions & Answers Form

Languages Form

Administration Form

This form let's you create Survey questions and answers for all Languages.

You can create all questions and answers for all Selected Languages for each Survey.

Right now TVSS supports only LTR (aka Left-to-Right) Languages; such as English, Spanish, German and French. RTL (aka Right-to-Left) Languages; such as Arabic, are not currently supported.
This form lets you view your Language Settings and how they will appear on the Language Selection Screens and various dropdown lists in TVSS.

You can also select Language Variations. For example; English - US, English - UK.

TVSS automatically manages the Soft Keyboard Layout based on the Language Selected by the Survey User at the start of the Survey.
This feature lets you perform several Administrative Tasks from one location:

1. You can Delete a survey from the database. Note: This step is not reversible.

2. You can copy all the Languages, and Questions and Answers of an existing survey to another survey.

3. You can Translate all your Survey Questions and Answers into multiple European Languages.

4. You can manage access to TVSS by adding or deleting Users; as well as, Survey